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SQUAD is a team–based and realistic first-person shooter that offers the hardest conditions for survival. Being the strongest in this game is extremely difficult, but you can try, especially if you decide to use cheats that will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Mercenary Sets This time we offer you two cheat builds: Ring and Private. The first set is characterized by a minimal set of cheats and a low cost. The second set has a full set of cheats and additional protection against detection and ban. In any case, each set will be useful to you in use, and as for the set of functions, you may encounter the following options:

Speedhack – increases the speed of movement and allows you to get to the designated points as quickly as possible. Visuals is an additional interface for configuring graphics, with which you can remove unnecessary objects and even see through walls. ESP is a set of lights for a variety of objects. Aimbot is an auxiliary bot that provides accurate shooting with any weapon. Magic bullets are a special functionality that guarantees that bullets hit the enemy. VX on players – all information about other players. This is just a part of the available cheats that are found in the kits. It remains for you to familiarize yourself with the description of each set and try to choose the most suitable set for you.