Cheats for

Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a team–based third-person shooter that will allow you to achieve success by fighting with other players. However, considering that only those who spend a huge amount of time or use donat have an advantage here, I want to leave the game right away. But do not rush, to balance such conditions, we suggest using special cheats that will equalize the chances and allow you to win.

Cheat Builds We suggest you pay attention to the assemblies of SoftHub and Baunti. These cheats differ in that they have a different assembly of cheats and make it possible to even get protection from the definition of an anti-cheat program. In any case, the following functions will be available to you:

VX – will give you the opportunity to see through the walls. Aimbot – will provide the most accurate shooting. Speedhack – will increase the speed of movement. Shows health – full information about the opponent's condition, will make it possible to analyze the chances of winning. These are not all the available assembly functions, but they are the main ones and will help you win in any situation. Try to use your abilities effectively and achieve success in any shootout.