Cheats for

Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown is a first–person shooter with monster hunting and confrontation with other players. To be the first in this adventure, you need to use auxiliary programs that give a good advantage in any situation.

Team shooters have always been tailored to the skill of the player, his attentiveness and ability to clearly analyze the situation. In Hunt: Showdown, you have to become a hunter of dangerous monsters, which will not only be found in a spacious location, but also have time to do it faster than other players. Therefore, it is worth using cheats that allow you to succeed in any scenario.

The best hunter We have picked up two sets of cheats for you, one of which is distinguished by the presence of basic functions, and the other offers absolutely all available cheats. A simple set is a pack called RING, and the complete set is called BC. You can choose any of the available options and start conquering this virtual world. And as for the available functions, among the whole set you can find the following options:

Aimbot – will allow you to shoot accurately at both monsters and other players. Highlighting players is a great opportunity to navigate the terrain. ESP on objects – will highlight the monsters that need to be caught. Anti–scatter - will allow you to shoot accurately with a rifle and rifles. Highlighting loot is a convenient way to save time and find all the necessary resources. This is just a small part of the available functions. In fact, each set also contains additional functions, which can be found already in the description of each pack. Use them, become the best hunter and win.