Cheats for

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a computer team game in the genre of multiplayer online battle arena, developed by Valve. The game is a continuation of the legendary DotA. The

action takes place on a special kind of map, and two teams of five players participate in each match. It is they who control their heroes, each of whom is

endowed with certain

abilities. The victory in the match goes to the team that first destroyed the fortress belonging to the enemy. At the same time, it is important to protect your own ## possessions.Dota 2

— a computer game that works on a free-to-play model with elements of micropayments.

The capabilities of the built-in functionality will help each player to set up a comfortable game.

Here you can always buy private cheats for Dota 2 without viruses

and bans. After that, the following functionality will be available to you:

● landscape change;

● Adjusting the camera height;

● display of all teleportations of the opponent, as well as the level of his health;

● visual warning of approaching danger;

● displaying the number of attacks required to eliminate an opponent;

● showing magic trails for planning a safe route; the ability to write in chat in any colors.