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  • In Marauders, you are a space pirate fighting for loot in a first-person multiplayer battle against the backdrop of an industrially developed deep space. Getting Started using Marauders Cheats
  • Marauders is a dynamic and intense game in which battles take center stage. You will need looters to take cover whenever possible to avoid enemy fire and be aware of what is around you, otherwise you will be caught off guard by an ambush. When engaging enemies, use the various weapons systems of your ship to even the odds. Each ship is equipped with a powerful energy shield capable of absorbing a lot of damage, so do not be afraid to engage in close combat with enemies. Cheats Marauders. Our website contains top private cheats for the game Marauders, which are regularly updated and refined by developers. Become invincible, in the Marauders universe, with softixcheats private cheats